Dave Chu playing guitar

Guitar Lessons and Workshops With Dave Chu

Along with performing regularly in the Western Massachusetts area, I am also offering guitar lessons to individuals or groups as follows. If interested, please contact me with the form below.

Course of 4 private 45-minute lessons: $120

  • These are held at my Easthampton location.
  • House calls are possible with an additional travel fee based on distance.

3-hour Acoustic Guitar Workshops in Easthampton

  • 4-8 Students
  • Beginner or Intermediate
  • $40 per person
  • Date/Time TBD
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What about lessons for students under 10?

I’ve had a number of very young students in the past. In theory, that would be a wonderful thing. Young minds are often very flexible and receptive to learning. However, in practice, it’s problematic with anyone under about 10 or so.

A key roadblock is often the instrument itself. Guitars can be quite large, and unless you have a very high-quality instrument, your child may have considerable difficulty in pressing down the strings. This tends to make learning difficult, and possibly even uncomfortable or painful. Can someone “gut this out” until they get calluses and strength? Possibly, but this is a lot to ask of a young person. Smaller guitars can be found, but even their strings may also be hard to press down.

Compare that to learning piano (or keyboard), where you can get a decent sound right away without a lot of strength – that’s often an easier path to begin your musical journey, and that’s how I started. Another alternative would be the ukulele, which is pretty popular nowadays, and a variety of them is available at Downtown Sounds in Northampton. Their small size can also be better for small hands. At this time I’m not teaching ukulele, though.

All that said, if your child is extremely dedicated, motivated, and focused, this could work.