Special Offer From Dave Chu

Dave Chu

I want to be your go-to person for building your websites!

You’re creative, professional, and have a flair for web design. You design quality sites for your clients. You may have found that you need extra technical help to implement your designs. That’s exactly what I love to do – turning design visions into live sites. My lengthy experience has provided me with skills, versatility, and ideas that you can rely on.

I can build you everything from simple sites to large, complex sites that have a lot of custom coding. As my customers have seen, I will work hard to help you succeed and do my best to make the process fun.

But you probably don’t know me yet. To make your decision easier, I’d like to offer you two hours of free work. That way, you could get a task out of the way that’s been bugging you. You’d also get a sense of my work ethic, knowledge, experience, and troubleshooting skill. I mainly work with WordPress, although I have enjoyed working with other CMS systems, too.

Does that sound interesting? Please contact me so we can get acquainted and talk about what I can do for you! Don’t have a particular task in mind? Feel free to ask me general questions as well.

What can I do for you in 2 hours? More than you might expect.

Here are some examples. Each item in this list is something that I’ve done in two hours for a client. Interested in something else? Just ask.

  • Make a variety of CSS styling changes.
  • Fix an error on your site.
  • Move a site to new hosting.
  • Make a plan for converting a website to make its layout responsive.
  • Give you steps to take to make your site(s) faster.
  • Recommend system components for various business needs.
  • Make an appraisal of a site’s performance, appearance, and function.

If we begin a full project together right away, I will comp the first 2 hours.

Let’s collaborate! It would be great to form a long-term working relationship! You may be interested in knowing that I charge a significantly lower rate for ongoing collaboration work than I do on my solo jobs. 

Please contact me to find out more!

Still not sure? Please have a look at some samples of my work.

Note: this offer is only for work that falls within my set of skills. If the work you want is something I don’t do, I will let you know, and refer you if possible.